Concierge Services

Hidden Leaf Baja can help you tailor your vacation with our exceptional concierge services in the stunning Baja California Sur region of Mexico.

We offer two distinct options to ensure your getaway is nothing short of extraordinary:

  1. Customized Vacation Services: Immerse yourself in a stress-free escape as we meticulously craft your entire vacation itinerary. Please note that our customized vacation services are available for an additional commission fee, which can be added to your booking. Alternatively, explore our Luxe Experiences listing for a seamless booking process.
  2. À la Carte Experiences: Customize your adventure by cherry-picking from a selection of premium services and experiences. Let us handle the arrangements, leaving you with the freedom to focus on making memories. For a glimpse of the experiences we offer, please peruse our Experiences

With our commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences, Hidden Leaf Baja goes beyond the ordinary to curate personalized vacations that cater to your unique preferences and needs.

Customized Vacation Services include

Itinerary Planning

We work closely with you to design a comprehensive itinerary that highlights the best attractions, activities, and experiences that Todos Santos has to offer. Whether you’re interested in exploring local culture, enjoying outdoor adventures, or indulging in relaxation, we will curate an itinerary that matches your interests.

Personalized Experiences

From arranging private tours and activities to coordinating special celebrations, we ensure that every aspect of your vacation is tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re interested in whale watching, wine tasting, or simply unwinding on the beach, we’ll make it happen.

Dining and Culinary Adventures

We provide recommendations and reservations for the finest dining establishments in the area, ensuring you savor the local cuisine at its best. Additionally, we can organize private chef services for an exclusive dining experience (whether, breakfast, lunch or dinner) within the comfort of Hidden Leaf. We have had the pleasure to work with these extraordinary caterers. Each Chef provides something special to make your stay special.


If you would like a night on the town, or are attending an event and you do not want to worry about driving or finding parking 🙂.  Our Property Host can help you schedule a car service. While we recommend renting a car to get around Todos Santos, we know it takes a load off to have someone make your night more

Convenience Services

We offer a range of practical services such as grocery shopping prior to your arrival, ensuring your vacation home is stocked with your preferred items. This allows you to dive right into relaxation without worrying about the essentials. We are happy to assist you in purchasing groceries, beverages, fruits and vegetables for a more relaxed arrival and stay!

Massage Services

Our Property Host will work with you to schedule an onsite appointment with the massage therapist. You can choose between, couples’ massages, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Points, Healing and Aromatherapy, Sport, Reflexology, Hot Stone. Please let us know 1) what day/date, 2) time of day (morning or afternoon), and 3) length (60 or 90 minutes) of massage you prefer.

Specialized Support

Throughout your vacation, we will provide you with assistance, whether you have questions, need recommendations, or encounter any issues, our dedicated team is just a call away.

With our expertise and local knowledge, Hidden Leaf Baja transforms your vacation rental into an immersive, personalized experience that captures the essence of Baja California. By choosing Hidden Leaf Baja’s concierge services, you’re not just booking a vacation rental – you’re embarking on a journey tailored to your desires, ensuring memories that last a lifetime