Hidden Leaf Baja Hospitality + Healing

Looking for someplace to host your retreat?

At Hidden Leaf Baja we work with practitioners who offer a bespoke level of service offerings to customize your wellness experience.

Encompassing our dedication to and deep respect for tradition, legacy and the culture, Hidden Leaf Baja approaches wellness through partnership with an exceptional range of practitioners and treatments. Choose from body treatments using organic products to specialty therapies and massage.

Taking advantage of our natural surroundings retreat leaders are able to craft their own experience for their clients through a mixture of yoga, spa, and detox program offerings.

With a focus on health and wellness, our collection of curated practitioners immerses guests in unique experiences that ultimately empowers individuals to enhance their wellbeing.

Self Care
Self-Care – benefit from private massages, meditation in the garden



Movement – schedule yoga / movement classes & curated workshops

Connection – nestle into our property’s natural landscape to explore and connect with the potential of personal healing for each individual

Retreats Scheduled

Tierra Medicina

September 2023
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Landscapes of Grief

October 2023
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Vida por Diseño

February 2024
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Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony

Cupping Therapy

Cleansing / Grounding Rituals

Breathwork Session

Bufo Ceremony

HLB Spiritual Ceremony

Energy Healing