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Where kindred spirits gather to share experiences, stories, and moments of togetherness. Discovering the power of genuine connections, fostering meaningful interactions and deepening bonds.

Baja Surf - Professionals Only

Experience the thrill of surfing with a surfboard rental, guided by local experts. Enjoy two beach trips with convenient transportation, and recharge with a complimentary drink at after conquering the waves.

Baja Beach Day for 2ppl

Seize the day at the Beach with a fully set-up oasis, including beach essentials like an umbrella, tent, and chairs. Stay refreshed with a cooler stocked with waters and savor the flavors of Mexico with guacamole, pico de gallo, and chips. A shared healthy snack and a coupon for a drink at a local restaurant complete your beach experience. This memorable experience is tailored for two.

Weekend Getaway

Embark on an escape featuring a warm welcome with a private chef-prepared dinner upon arrival and a delightful breakfast before departure. Dive into leisure with a vibrant pool party boasting delectable food and expertly crafted drinks. Unwind at a picturesque Beach, equipped with everything you need for a perfect day under the sun.

Jardin Alquimia Night - Wednesday’s Only

Experience the charm of Al Quimia Bar with roundtrip transportation and a complimentary first drink. After you dance the night away, wake up or seamlessly flow into a satisfying breakfast the next morning.

Tacos + Tequila + Tarot

Dive into mystique with a 30-minute Tarot de Baja reading (available Wednesday or Thursday). Satisfy your culinary cravings with tacos at Santo Chilote and experience the essence of Mexico through a La Bella Tequila tasting coupled with captivating Mexican art.