We have curated some of the best experiences for you during your stay at Hidden Leaf Baja.
With our expertise and local knowledge, Hidden Leaf Baja transforms your vacation into an immersive, personalized experience that captures the essence of Baja California.
Below you will find experiences you can add onto your vacation when booking with us.

Weekend Getaway

Embark on an escape featuring a warm welcome with a private chef-prepared dinner upon arrival and a delightful breakfast before departure. Dive into leisure with a vibrant pool party boasting delectable food and expertly crafted drinks. Unwind at a picturesque Beach, equipped with everything you need for a perfect day under the sun.

Private Chef dinner upon arrival + breakfast prior to departure

Pool Party (Bartender + Lunch)

Baja Beach Day (see below)

Baja Surf - Professionals Only

Experience the thrill of surfing with a surfboard rental, guided by local experts. Enjoy two beach trips with convenient transportation, and recharge with a complimentary drink at after conquering the waves.

Surf Board Rental

2 Local Beach trips with round trip transportation

Complimentary drink @ local bar / restaurant (1pp)

Baja Beach Day for 2ppl

Seize the day at the Beach with a fully set-up oasis, including beach essentials like an umbrella, tent, and chairs. Stay refreshed with a cooler stocked with waters and savor the flavors of Mexico with guacamole, pico de gallo, and chips. A shared healthy snack and a coupon for a drink at a local restaurant complete your beach experience. This memorable experience is tailored for two.

Beach Tent + Chairs

Cooler with: Waters (2pp), Guacamole, Pico De Gallo, Chips, Healthy Snack to share

Complimentary drink @ local restaurant (1pp)

Jardin Alquimia Night - Wednesday’s Only

Experience the charm of Al Quimia Bar with roundtrip transportation and a complimentary first drink. After you dance the night away, wake up or seamlessly flow into a satisfying breakfast the next morning.

Transportation to and from Al Quimia Bar

Complimentary First Drink

Breakfast next morning

Boat Charter for 5 ppl

Embark on a day charter fishing adventure to Bahia de los Suenos, relishing the beauty of the ocean and the coastline from a luxurious boat setting. Create memories that will linger long after the waves recede.

Bahia de los Suenos

Day Charter (6AM - 2PM)


Bail (Live Bait extra $25pp)

Fishing Equipment

Taco Crawl + Tequila Tasting

Embark on a flavor-packed journey with a map guiding you through a taco crawl in Todos Santos. Cap off the experience with a tantalizing La Bella Tequila tasting, celebrating the rich culinary and cultural heritage of the region.

Custom Map

Taco crawl around downtown Todos Santos

La Bella Tequila Tasting

"Secret Supper" Private Dining Experience

Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in a unique culinary adventure with our “Secret Supper” private dinner experience. Delight in a carefully curated evening as you savor a gourmet meal at a surprise location, handpicked to enhance the magic of the moment. Whether it’s an intimate garden setting under a canopy of stars or a cozy candlelit hideaway, this unforgettable experience promises to awaken your senses and create lasting memories.

Customized experience

Private Chef prepared dinner

Unique and private location

Tacos + Tequila + Tarot

Dive into mystique with a 30-minute Tarot de Baja reading (available Wednesday or Thursday). Satisfy your culinary cravings with tacos at Santo Chilote and experience the essence of Mexico through a La Bella Tequila tasting coupled with captivating Mexican art.

Tarot de Baja 30 min Tarot Reading

Tacos @ Santo Chilote (2pp)

Tasting @ La Bella Tequila + Mexican Art